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Donkey taxis

El Refugio del Burrito, with the help and support of The Donkey Sanctuary, UK fights hard to improve the welfare of the working donkey in Spain and performs a multiple approach to educate donkey owners, to train veterinaries and provide treatment to working donkeys, to make holiday makers aware of the situation and to enforce Municipalities to establish Codes of Practice to grant the welfare of donkeys. In Spain you can find some sort of donkey taxi in most of the touristic destinations, being the most known the Donkey Taxi in Mijas (Malaga).

Mijas donkey taxi

Donkey rental at the Feria de La Manzanilla

Various organizations denounce, once again, the illegal donkey rental on Sanlúcar's beach during the 2009 Manzanilla Festival. This year, we have presented our denouncement at the Guardia Civil headquarters.

El Refugio del Burrito from Málaga, The Solúcar Animal's Friends Association, The Anti-bullfighting Party Against Animal Cruelty and Ecologists in Action, have presented a joint denounce at the Guardia Civil's headquarters against the use of donkeys on the beach for such an illegal activity as their rental for strolls along the beach.

Abused donkey in Sanlucar

When bureaucracy encourages abandonment

In 2006, the agricultural department of the Andalucían Government introduced new regulations that ordered the identification, possession and farming of equines to be recorded in a register known as 'El Registro de las Explotaciones Ganaderas Equinas' (Equine Farm Register). These new regulations require microchip identification and a 'Tarjeta Sanitaria' (Health Registration Card) for every single mule, donkey and horse within Andalucía, which also includes all stables where the equines are kept to be recorded in the new register (SIGGAN).



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