We are a Spanish based charity protecting donkeys, promoting their wellbeing in Spain and enabling those donkeys fit and able to do so to provide riding therapy to children with special needs.

STEPS Against Cruelty

Santorini Campaign: Donkey taxi owners hitting their animals

In response to new evidence of suffering experienced by animals working abroad in the tourism industry, The Donkey Sanctuary is urging UK tourists to “Take STEPS” to avoid participating in acts of animal cruelty this summer.



When last June ERB received a call from Los Caballos Luna, horse rescue center, denouncing the bad state that a group of 40 equines were in an illegal farm in Callosa de Segura, Alicante, we couldn´t have ever imagined that it would take us more than 7 months to take them out of there and bring the owner to justice.

Emaciated donkeys and horses tied up with short chains 24 hours a day, with no access to water and fed with rotten vegetables when they were lucky, very overgrown hooves and terrible hygienic conditions is what we found when we first checked the farm.



We’d like to tell you about Dani. Dani is one of the first to have benefitted from our Donkey Assisted Therapy Programme at Córdoba since it started almost 5 years ago now. He is a nice young man who loves donkeys so much he managed to fulfil a dream of his.

Queremos compartir con todos vosotros la historia de Dani. Dani es uno de los primeros chicos que se unió a nuestro programa de TAA en Córdoba, hace ya 5 años. Se trata de un jovencito con tal adoración por los burritos que, por ellos, ha realizado uno de sus sueños.

Rancho Mestres - Neglect case in Cataluña


Not long ago, we had a phone call from one of our supporters at The Donkey Sanctuary headquarters in the UK, telling us about the bad conditions some donkeys were facing at a ranch in Catalonia.

The place is called Rancho Mestres and we are pressing legal charges against them. Five donkeys were kept there without the care or proper facilities these animals need. Their hooves were in a terrible state (in fact one of the donkeys has needed prosthesis to be able to walk properly) and they were left without food for days. There is an animal that is actually in real danger still.

The case of Alicante - Together, we can...

The case of Alicante

It is our firm wish to keep you up to date with the cases we deal with at El Refugio del Burrito. We’d like to let you have an update on the Alicante rescue case, the largest we have faced since we started our work in Spain. It was in Callosa de Segura, in the Alicante province, where we discovered that a dealer had about 49 horses in deplorable conditions. Tied 24 hours a day, locked and with limited access to food and water; literally starving. We were able to rescue 9 donkeys we found there.

Donkey Sanctuary Cyprus Video

Our sister charity, The Donkey Sanctuary (Cyprus), were recently contacted by a young couple, who were in Cyprus on holiday, if they would like them to make a short video about the charity. Cyprus told us “ James and Katia Bebbington are both international freestyle kayak competitors and we were curious to find out what their interest in donkeys was. Apparently, although they have some sponsorship for their sport, they needed to have some income and so James had started by videoing his sport which then developed into producing videos.

Welcome home Apache!

Welcome home Apache!

Apache’s arrival has been the one of the most expected ones ever here at El Refugio del Burrito. He was the one donkey we had to leave behind during the course of our biggest rescue case in Alicante a few months ago; because he was so weak and his hooves were in such dreadful condition he was unable to travel. He stayed at a holding base in Murcia not far from Alicante, where he has been recovering prior to travelling to his brand new home at El Refugio del Burrito’s headquarters. We are happy to announce he has already joined our big happy family in Fuente de Piedra.

10th Anniversary Party!!!!!!


El Refugio del Burrito has reached 10 years of continuous support, refuge, love and care for donkeys and mules in the whole of Spain!!!

This is an event we want to share with as many of you as possible, and it will take place at our headquarters in Fuente de Piedra, in the province of Málaga.

The exact location can be found on this link for the event:

To Paradise... From Hell


El Refugio del Burrito has now rescued 9 neglected and mistreated donkeys that were enduring an unsustainable situation in the province of Alicante. 5 of those are already enjoying their new home at our headquarters in Fuente de Piedra, Málaga.

Right after receiving a video recorded by a Dutch horse rescue association, El Refugio del Burrito was set in motion to help donkeys that were in the same facilities. Fortunately, five of those donkeys are now safe at our sanctuary, a true paradise after the hell they’ve been living.

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