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The ‘Farm of Horrors’

We have secured the safety of three donkeys who were left in darkness to suffer alongside many other desperate and dying animals in a “farm of horrors”. We responded to a tip-off about the farm in Bormujos, Sevilla, and we were horrified by what we found.

“The smell of death was devastating,” said Veronica Sanchez, sanctuary director. “Two horses were in an advanced state of decomposition and there were a multitude of bones from many animals scattered all over the ground. Next to this cemetery, other animals were still alive but had no food or water.”

burros viviendo sobre sus excrementos

Introduction course to donkey care and health

Event date: 
Saturday, 4 March, 2017 - 09:30 to Sunday, 5 March, 2017 - 14:30
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This two- day course combines the latest knowledge about caring for donkeys with practical hands on experience. This course is a great introduction to the wonderful world of donkeys. The course will cover: Stable and pasture management, signs of ill health, basic training, feeding, grooming and handling.

The course will be presential in our holding base in Brunete, Madrid.

Dates: 4 & 5 March 2017

Saturday 4th March: 10am- 5pm
Sunday 5th March: 10am- 2pm

How to get there:

Introduction course to donkey care and health

Three months imprisonment for failing to give veterinary assistance to a donkey and causing its death

A man has been sentenced to three months in prison and one year of disqualification from working with animals for abandoning and failing to give vet care to his donkey, thus causing its death.

In June 2015, El Refugio del Burrito (ERDB) investigated the case and reported the donkey’s owner after being informed of its situation.

Sentenced for a crime of continued animal cruelty

We have won the lawsuit against a man that kept close to 40 equines in terrible condition in Callosa de Segura, Spain. For the first time in the history of El Refugio del Burrito, we obtain a jail sentence for animal abuse. The man has been convicted to 9 months of prison and disqualified to own or work with animals for three years. Besides, we have now become the official owners of the rescued donkeys and mules in the frame of this investigation.

Maltrato a equinos en Callosa de Segura

We hang the ‘No Vacancy’ sign

During the first half of 2016, El Refugio del Burrito (The Donkey Sanctuary in Spain) has attended an unprecedented number of cases, including the rescue of close to 100 donkeys in Cáceres, last February. With the arrival of these animals - and other 40 coming from different operations against animal cruelty and abandonment - the capacity of our sanctuaries is, at the moment, approaching its limit.

We have beaten the occupation record with 361 donkeys and mules living in our sanctuaries. Most of them enjoy a safe environment for the first time in their lives.

Donkeys at El Refugio

El Rocio In Numbers

One more year, El Refugio del Burrito displays an operation to ensure animal welfare during El Rocío Pilgrimage. We require your help to guarantee that all equines participating to this event are healthy and well taken care of.

Eurogroup For Animals: Stop The Trucks Campaign

The Donkey Sanctuary has collaborated with Eurogroup for Animals on their recently launched campaign to address shortcomings of the current live animal transportation rules, which leave many production animals, including donkeys, unprotected, sick or dead during transport. The campaign calls on decision makers to reduce and ultimately end long distance live animal transportation.

Stop the Trucks


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