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Care of donkeys in extreme heat

Donkeys may struggle with extremely hot environments, especially as they often have thick hairy coats. Read our guidance on how to keep your donkey healthy and comfortable in extreme heat.

What are the dangers of extreme heat for donkeys?

During very hot conditions, especially if the air is humid, your donkey may have trouble controlling their body temperature. An extreme build-up of heat in their body can disrupt normal bodily functions. Left untreated, this may lead to organ failure and death.

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Protecting donkeys from insects

Insects can cause great distress and irritation to donkeys. We offer advice to help you keep your donkeys safe from flies and midges.

To do this you need to know which insects your donkeys are susceptible to and which insects are likely to be living in their environment.

Insects tend to be a seasonal problem in Spain, where they are not usually seen during the winter months. However, in some countries they can be a year-round problem.

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Physical and mental enrichment for donkeys

Physical and mental enrichment is essential to the wellbeing of donkeys and mules. Enrichment helps to maintain normal behaviour, prevent problems associated with boredom, ensures their instinctual needs are met, increases exercise and maintains a healthy weight, to name but a few. The goals for enrichment are to increase behavioural diversity and increase positive utilisation of the environment they are in, subsequently increasing their ability to cope with daily challenges and be able to make their own choices. Just think of one thing each day that you could do differently.

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Rosie, the donkey savaged by a dog, receives lifesaving treatment and justice

El Refugio del Burrito saved the life of a donkey that was repeatedly attacked and savaged by a dog. Five years later, the charity also does justice on her name.

Rosie, the 17-year-old donkey was found badly underweight with wounds all over her body including deep bite marks on her bottom that exposed muscle.

Her owner had allowed his dog to repeatedly attack the donkey and then do nothing to treat her wounds. He has subsequently been jailed for animal abuse.

_Rosie with Vet

Unprecedented sentence for the abuse of rented mules during El Rocio pilgrimage

El Refugio del Burrito has welcomed the sentencing of four men who abused two mules during El Rocio, the largest pilgrimage in the Western world.

The owner of the animals, the intermediary and the two men who rented the mules were sentenced to six months in prison, a two -year ban on owning and trading animals and the payment of veterinary and upkeep costs at the Huelva Criminal Court on the last 17th of February for animal abuse.

 Eufrasia (right) and Maria Antonieta (left) enjoy a sunny day at El Refugio del Burrito.

Filipo´s big improvement

Filipo came to the sanctuary together with her best friend Megara after they were found suffering in Motril, Granada due to a terrible lack of basic care.
Two other donkeys, Diana and Era, came to the sanctuary with Filipo and Megara but sadly passed away because of the very bad condition in which we found them.

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Donkeys face population collapse due to skin trade

• Donkey populations collapsing in some countries across Africa, South America and Asia
• Millions of donkeys killed by traders for their skins to be used in traditional Chinese medicine
• Pregnant mares, foals and sick animals illegally stolen, transported and killed
• Biosecurity risk of anthrax and equine flu throughout the trade
• Donkeys key to the livelihoods of 500 million people worldwide

 Donkeys face population collapse due to skin trade


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